For all national and international delegations and delegations who come or live in our country for a program, official vehicles, escort and protection vehicles of all brands, as in the past, today, with the privilege of our company, we provide service to our guests and protocols who are here.

Our operations team, which knows very well the importance of the work we do, provides you with peace, comfort and privilege with its selection of drivers and vehicles.

With the privilege of our company, transportation services are provided from all airports to hotels and addresses with vehicles suitable for every number, with the safety and comfort of your guests.

At the airport, your guests are greeted by a foreign language-speaking welcoming team.

You can provide your groups or special guests with foreign language-speaking captains and private vehicles for city tours, dinners and business visits.

Our aim is to be your transportation partner and reaching your loved ones with us always gives us confidence and pride.

We provide service to world famous names with our privileged vehicles with our staff who speak foreign languages ​​(English, Arabic). What makes us different is not only the limousine but also the S600/500/350 vehicles, E350/250/200 Passengers, latest model VIP Vitos, VIP Minibus, VIP Midibus. These are the services we provide to you, our valued customers, with our custom-made VIP Buses and vehicles suitable for all sizes.

In addition to our solution partners in Turkey, we also offer affordable travel opportunities to our guests thanks to the airline companies we are solution partners with in the European Region. We search for affordable flights, called empty legs, which eliminate almost 50% of the costs, and offer alternatives for you, our valued guests.

Our Helicopter / Helitaxi service is available in organizations within Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir and Bursa. For your requests outside the provinces we have specified, guidance will be made from the nearest province.

Our team consists of professional licensed translators/guides, approved by the Ministry of Tourism, members of Tureb, who speak at least two languages. Our translators, who are capable of technical translation in your bilateral business meetings, regardless of the sector, also provide guidance services. The service we provide is a personalized service for individuals or mini groups. We provide support in every language for your meetings and touristic trips.

Since the program and scopes vary, we make appropriate plans for our guests. Our team, consisting of retired soldiers from the Turkish Armed Forces and retired Special Operations police from the Turkish Armed Forces, are professionals who are aware that they represent the image of the person they protect and know how to use their powers in normal or emergency situations, depending on the characteristics of the situation.

We produce ideal solutions for your guests…

If you wish, a business assistant who speaks foreign languages, has good diction and can manage busy schedules is at your service for your local/foreign guests coming from abroad.